~ Tuesday, July 22 ~
got some original artwork for sale..once it’s gone it’s gone, no duplicates.

got some original artwork for sale..once it’s gone it’s gone, no duplicates.

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~ Sunday, July 13 ~

ninakeim said: your work is sick, feelin inspired to break out some markers today!

Thanks! I highly endorse the breaking out of markers.

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~ Friday, July 11 ~


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~ Wednesday, July 9 ~

Some extra bonus shots from my paint session a couple months ago.

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~ Saturday, July 5 ~

infamouslybygary said: Tony you are an inspiration!

cheers man! much appreciated

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ixnxi said: What markers do you use? For someone still looking for their art style what do you suggest they do to find it and master it?

I Mostly use Posca pens, Edding markers are pretty good too, but I’m not too fussy when it comes to markers.

when it comes to finding a style in my case it was pretty organic, I wasn’t thinking too myself “I have too find my own style as quickly as possible” I found that the more I drew the more I’d just develop these little habits that grew and expanded into the style I have today, it’s hard to answer that question because everyone has their own individual path when it comes to finding their own style, the only thing I can suggest is to keep a sketchbook, draw as much as possible, experiment and find what works for you..hope that helped!

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~ Thursday, July 3 ~

strongbrighteyedbeautifulgirl said: Aye I put one of the stickers you designed in the Sticker Monsters Bomb book on my phone case, I love your work dude

thanks for spreading that sticker bomb love..

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~ Tuesday, July 1 ~
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~ Friday, June 20 ~

peachmunkey said: HAI TOE-NY :D HOWZ YOU DOIN~?


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dougdimmagnome said: what brand of spray paint do you most commonly use, and whats your favorite nozzle size?

Hey Doug,

I tend to use Montana 94’s when I’m doing spray paint stuff, they’re especially good for outlines, as it’s generally easier to do thinner / cleaner lines with them from my experience, Montana black cans are nice for fills and colour for caps I tend to just use the generic caps that come with the 94’s..although you can always buy a mixture of different nozzle types to see what you’re most comfortable with.

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